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single-channel video installation
ith AR Environment, 2022

STICKY MOUTH (Edition II), 2022

1-channel video installation

Shot in 4K, aspect ratio 9:16

 Duration: 15:32 Minutes

printed carpet, AR Environment
Exhibition: 1e9 Festival der Zukunft 

Deutsches Museum Munich

curated by Luise Wank, Tatjana Vall and Justin Urbach

BEING SOMETHING IN ESSENCE OR EFFECT, THOUGH NOT ACTUALLY OR IN FACT shows a hybrid artistic intervention about reality, that, as a construct of perception, is up to be questioned. Employing augmented reality, the supposedly real world is expanded by superimposing a supplementary version. The result is an examination of transformation processes - whether in a human context, as in Sticky Mouth by Justin Urbach, or in a combination of technically constructed and nature-related transformation in Tatjana Valls Hash- cash. Existing circuits, human perceptual systems, and their constructed environment are addressed and sensory modalities are additively stimulated. Using AR glasses in combination with a haptic vest and headphones, which may be worn by the visitors, the further versions of reality are made tangible. Initially, contradictory associations can be found in "Violent Acts, Volatile Words" by Tatjana Stürmer and aspects of the parallel existence of the only indirectly perceptible are taken up in Seeing in the Dark by Lukas Rehm. The interaction of the audience with the physical works is completed in virtuality and thus the wholeness of the works is only revealed in the combination of the different worlds. In this context, the wearing of the AR hardware goes beyond an initially participatory approach and thus proves to be a performative act inscribed in the concept.

BEING SOMETHING IN ESSENCE OR EFFECT, THOUGH NOT ACTUALLY OR IN FACT Artists: Lukas Rehm Justin Urbach Tatjana Vall Tatjana Stürmer curated by Luise Wank shown at 1e9 FESTIVAL DER ZUKUNFT 2022 at Deutsches Museum Munich with support of @xrhub_bavaria & @1e9_community & @microsoftdeutschland

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