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multichannel hybrid video installation, 2021

3-channel video installation,

Color, Dolby Surround Sound

Shot in 4K, aspect ratio: 16:9

Duration 15:32 Minutes 

printed carpet, 12 bronze-bars

Exhibition: Verpackerei Gö, 13.11.2021–14.12.2021

Galerie der KünstlerInnen Munich 08.03.2022-07.04.2022


curated by Luise Wank, Tatjana Vall and Justin Urbach

The multimedia video installation STICKY MOUTH deals with the question of the extent to which human changes in a time of increasing virtual realities and himself becomes part of the enormous transformation process in which the boundaries of realities become increasingly blurred and no longer form entities.

The 3-channel video shows a man lying in a tub as he melts wax cubes as if in an absurd ritual. Analogous to the materials, which undergo a continuous process of transformation from wax mold to bronze casting, the man can simultaneously be seen as an avatar whose trigger points can be controlled virtually. This results in a variety of analogies of man and material, which mirror each other in their different forms and aggregate states and continually question our real and virtual certainties.

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