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This is what I looked like when I was human!​

3-channel video installation, 2019

This is what I looked like when I was human!

3-channel video installation, 2019

Color, Dolby Surround Sound

Shot in Full HD, aspect ratio  16:9

Duration: 9 Minutes

Actor: Luis Lüps

Exhibition: AkademieGalerie Munich

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-28 um 18.07.05 Kopie.png

Artificial intelligence imitates humans. Artificial intelligence seems to dispute humans' intuitive knowledge of the world. So what is the human being?

The work "This Is What I Looked Like When I Was A Human" shows a human being in a white, aseptic landscape. Naked and left to his own devices, he stammers as he tries to grasp and name the hyperreality of the present. Two words, syllables torn off, repeating the same term "artificial intelligence" over and over again. This creates new word synapses and connections reminiscent of a Dadaist poem. With the help of a speech computer, the dynamics and pronunciation of the poem are predetermined. The pronunciation appears artificial and contrived, but on the other hand the poetic and emotional style of delivery allows humanity to creep in once again. Language becomes an emotional medium of expression that shows the individual at the interface of artificial intelligence and human existence.

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