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3-channel film installation, 2023

Fractal Breeze, 2023
3-channel film installation

Color, Dolby Surround Sound

Shot in 4K, aspect ratio 2:1

Duration: 21:15 minutes (loop)

Wafers with Hash Code Certificate for videodata and laser engravings

3D printed quartz sand and epoxy

Exhibitions: Diploma Show at ADBK Munich 06.02.2023 – 16.02.2023
Max Goelitz Gallery Berlin 07.07.2023 - 29.07.2023

Fractal Breeze

WAT STASH 001, 2023, 3D printed quartz sand and epoxy, 61 x 15.5 x 100 cm, 24 x 6 1/8 x 39 3/8 inches

Fractal Breeze WIP T2_010, 2023, Silicon wafer with laser engraving

ø 30 cm, ø 11 3/4 inches

FRACTAL BREEZE is a three-channel video installation that addresses transformation processes in the digital age as a fragmentary sci-fi narrative. In Fractal Breeze two characters move on the borders of virtuality and reality in a metafictional representation of our techno- logical future. The starting point for the video work is silicon, which is used to manufacture microchips and upon which the artist reflects in its many stages of production. In the form of wafers, thin reflective information carriers, silicon in FRACTAL BREEZE enables crossing over into a hybrid world in which virtual spheres increasingly materialize and the characters experience a new physicality. Through the symbiotic connection of body and technology, a transhuman circuit is formed that refers to social developments and the multidimensional processes of raw material extraction and energy storage. The artist creates a multimedia installation in which the wafers merge into real space as sculptu- ral objects and information carriers. Still blank in the film, in the exhibition they are engraved with body-related data of the actors, collected through MRI scans, 3D scans and motion capture. WAT STASH, 3D printed sand sculptures inspired by NASA images of Mars, also bear frag- ments of this data and reflect the sci-fi aesthetic of the film through their organic, yet technical, surfaces. FRACTAL BREEZE was realized in collaboration with specialists and researchers from the semiconductor and film industries, as well as the medical field, in order to unite these diverse branches.

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with Emma Mann and Hannes Borgmeier | Producers: Nele Urbach, Michaela Mederer | Director of Photography: Till Dose Soundtrack & Sounddesign: Jonas Yamer | Production Design: Luzia Ehrmann, Maxine Weiss | 1. AC: Lara Fritz 

Gaffer: Felix Hecker, Henri Nunn, Christoph Schaller | Creative Advisor: Tatjana Vall | Sound: Daniel Door 

Set-Manager: Michaela Mederer | Costume & Make-Up: Emma Herrschmann | VFX Artists: Janik Valler, Philipp Sajnovits | Science Coordination: Julius Mutschler | Set-Runners: Franka Breckner, Eva Herdieckerhoff, Vroni Dudek, Robin


Special Thanks: Anja Tita, Jan Singh, Nico Schwarz, Josef Moosreiner, Rebekka Schug, Kirsten

Wehr, Anna Wank, Marcus Schwemin, CarMotionService, Sugar Mountain, Chris Breirenfellner,

Team OuttaSpace, Julia Anna Wittmann, Antonia Bose

Supported by: Siltronic AG, CNP+, Sparks, Igus Gmbh, Star Effects, XR Hub Bavaria Laser

Scanning Europe, Department of Sportmedicine TUM, Neuroimaging Center Munich TUM

3D sculpting & modeling WAT STASH: Janik Valler

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