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3-Channel Video Installation, 2022


3-channel video installation

Color, 5.1 Dolby Surround

Shot in 4K, aspect ratio: 16:9

Duration: 37:00 Minutes, Loop

Exhibition: Gnade - Galerie der KünstlerInnen Munich 25.10.2022-27.11.2022

Dismantle multimedia installation, justinurbach

The 3-channel video installation DISMANTLE examines cinematic aesthetics and patterns of perception. In the process, the camera becomes recognizable as a technical medium that turns the view through the viewfinder into a conscious setting. The camera selects image excerpts and thus manipulates our vision. The narrative features a man traversing a forest, equipped with a pickaxe and a spade, his attire resembling that of an old flight suit, akin to an expedition traveler. Upon reaching a clearing, he embarks on digging a hole until exhaustion takes over. This scene unfolds as if part of an anthropological study, meticulously recorded by two camera systems. These systems operate with mechanical precision, reminiscent of a triadic ballet in their tracking movements. The installation blurs the lines between documentary and fictional film narratives, presenting them as intersecting artifacts. In this dynamic, the cameras turn into mutual focal points, visible and integral to the artwork itself.


Concept, Director, Editor: Justin Urbach / Producer: Nele Urbach / Actor: Jakob Gessner / Camera: Till Dose Second Camera Operator: Marcus Schwemin / Production Assistant: Tatjana Vall / Camera Assistant: Isabella Münnich, Hannah Kortus / Sound: Michael Klisch / Grading: Lukas Link / Sound Mixing: Fonda Mentalism

Gnade Flyer medienkunst, justinurbach

DISMANTLE, 2022, 3-channel video installation, Color, 5.1 Dolby Surround, shot in 4K, aspect ratio: 16:9, 

Duration: 37:00 Minutes, Loop

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