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multimedia video installation2023

BreezeBlocks, 2023

multimedia video installation

Color, Dolby Surround Sound

 Shot in 4K, apect ratio 2:1

Duration: 3 x 20:45 Minutes, Loop

wafer with Laser Engraving, Steel Frame

Paper with Laser Engraving


The installation BREEZEBLOCKS is a continuation of the work FRACTAL BREEZE, which was presented as a diploma thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich in early 2023. The video installation FRACTAL BREEZE shows a metafictional depiction of our technological future in which two characters move on the borders of virtuality and reality. The starting point is the raw material silicon, which is used to manufacture micro- chips and is reflected in its various stages of production. In the form of wafers, thin reflective information carriers, silicon makes it possible to enter a hybrid world in which virtual spheres increasingly materialize and the characters experience a new physicality. In the course of the video work, a virtual as well as physical sandstorm emerges, bathing the scenery in an orange light, occupying both worlds and stylizing the quartz sand as an essential resource. The symbiotic connection between the body and technology creates a transhuman cycle that refers to social developments and the multidimensional processes of raw material extraction and energy storage. In the BREEZEBLOCKS installation, the wafers merge into the real space as sculptural objects and information carriers and are supplemented with further wall objects. Still undescribed in the film, the objects in the exhibition bear the performers ́ body-related data, which was collected using MRI scans, 3D scans, and motion capture and transferred to various materials using laser engraving.



Polymorph, Silicon, Monitor, Steel Rods, 20cm x 7cm, Full HD, 20:45 min

In collaboration with Maxine Weiss

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