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We give it our heart, soul and bodies, 2020

Color, Dolby Surround Sound

Found Footage Digitalvideo, aspect ratio 16:9, HD

Duration: 8 Minutes

This video contains found footage and footage filmed by

Justin Urbach
Edited and post processed by

Justin Urbach

Exhibition: DOCK 20, Sammlung Hollenstein Lustenau, September 2020

Blitz Club Munich, Juli 2020

We give it our heart, soul and bodies

video installation, 2020

Installationview, Blitz Club Munich

In his video installation "We give it our heart, soul and bodies", media artist
media artist Justin Urbach arranges places and stages of intoxication and collective ecstasy. He collages video footage of young clubbers from the noughties, whose devotion to the hard to the hard, mechanical beat and rhythm of techno pushes them to their physical limits with images of the centuries-old tradition of calcio storico. The legendary and brutal match between the four oldest districts of Florence, which takes place every year, attracts participants and intensity and violence captivates both participants and spectators alike. The beauty of the unbounded, collective experience on the one hand and the harshness and ugliness that inevitably that inevitably accompany it are impressively juxtaposed in Justin Urbach's portrait of intoxication.

"Dock 20 Lustenau"


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