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video installation and performance

Color, Dolby Surround Sound

Shot in FULL HD, aspect ratio 2:35, CINEMASCOPE

Duration: 8 Minutes

Exhibitions: DAS LABOR, Annual Exhibition

Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Class of Professor Julian Rosefeldt

L’ARTISTE DEVANT SA TOILE – group exhibition – Kunstverein Marburg


Video installation and Performance, 2018

The work HOT HUT HIKE presented four American football players repeatedly colliding in a white, aseptic room, separating the movements and commands from the actual reality of their sport. The movements of the player, power and strength, and the question of masculinity are brought to the fore and give rise to sculptural forms and images that the viewer can observe from a grandstand as a performance, later assembled in a video installation. Commands and sporting rituals are emptied and assembled into a new choreography

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